Big data to select top performing stocks #1
Written by TCO on Oct. 2th 2019
In order to select top performing stocks, we have gathered big piles of data of dozens of exchanges, thousands of companies and many decades of both EOD and fundamental data. It requires a lot of computer power and statistical insight but via the right infrastructure and tools some interesting insights have been found. 

Standard statistics regression, correlation and convergence analysis are usually used to find connections, relations and to prove hypothesis. This only is not enough as thousands of computers are analyzing these on a daily basis across the world. It is about how these data points are connected to (in)direct data derived from other sources then the obvious ones.

Our top performing stocks are selecting based on gigantic data analysis and cross relations are found which have been statistically proven to be a given fact for many of years in history. This has led to a solid foundation for our stock selection. Want to know more? Get in touch!

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